Best Bootstrap admin Template 2015

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Best Bootstrap admin Template 2015

Basically admin templates are HTML based static pages with lot of functionality, components built it, When building a website, site owners need a place to admin whole website and its functionality, this section requires lot of functionality and jQuery components, this is where admin templates come into scene.

Using admin templates, you can save lot of time as they provide excelent UI, color options and jQuery plugins out of the box.

Most of the admin templates provide you charts, calendar, mailbox, login pages and advanced tables.

Charts: If site administrator wants to see site growth of the site, showing full pages of data is boring but imagine how it will be if admin can see a nice progress of the site using charts.

building charts, learning their API will consume hours of your time so with admin template you can save time and use it for other productivity.

Tables: admin templates providers tables with functionality like pagination, sorting, searching.

Usually admin templates are priced $20-30 which is less than an hour salary for a skilled developer so its like getting 100s of hours work for just one hour price.

Below we have curated list of hand picked best admin templates to help you decide picking one.

we have provided demo and purchase for each item, make a wise decision by checking its demo and using it for your next big web project.

Did we miss any great admin template? we love to hear from you and can’t wait to add it to below section!


Josh is a bootstrap based admin template built with Laravel. It has included over 100+ components including drag/drop form builders, charts, sliders, data tables, image uploading/resizing, and advanced modals. Also login, registration, user management, and user groups are already included and ready to use. This admin template is a great way of quickly getting your next project up and running or use it as a learning resource to see how to implement all these components.




Some of the features include:

  •  Built with bootstrap 3.3.4
  • 70+ admin pages included
  • 404, 500 pages included
  • Shopping cart UI
  • HTML, PHP and Laravel versions included
  • Drag and drop form builder

Chandra – Laravel

The all new Chandra Laravel Admin template, version 2.0 has been built on a comprehensive platform which includes Bootstrap 3.3.2 and Laravel 5. The template helps web developers create one of the most compelling well pages for businesses that features 100+ user interface components. There are more than 52 landing pages in Chandra Admin template and six color schemes. The theme is highly responsive and is available in both HTML versions and PHP versions. The theme is highly resizable and could fit in almost any device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

More information about Chandra Admin template:

Chandra Admin template is one of the most beautifully crafted admin templates with a number of backend applications. It is available in three versions namely HTML versions, PHP versions and Laravel versions. The template is responsive for a number of languages such as ASP, PHP, Perl, ruby etc. This template is indeed a boon in disguise for those starting a Laravel project as they would be able to save tons of hours with its amazing built in templates, user management protocols etc.

  • Its version 2.1 had its sentry replaced with sentinel recently and feature a detailed documentation section.
  • Its version 2.0.1 featured the release of its frontend capabilities
    Version 2.0 focused mainly on fixing a number of small bugs associated with the version. It also saw that the Laravel 5 version gets incorporated with the version and it gets updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2.
  • Version 1.3 featured the addition of Group management user interface. It also added Edit user UI, features management of user  avatar upload. With this version, the template got updated to latest bootstrap and also fixed a number of small bugs with the version.
  • Version 1.2 included the most  awaiting Laravel version. A number  of other functionalities such as user login, register, users, creating new user profiles have been added to the Laravel version. All of the existing layouts were moved to the Laravel layouts so that one could start a new website with any layout just by extending it.

Features of Chandra Admin Template:

Thus the Chandra Bootstrap Admin application keeps itself suitable for any of the admin backend applications and is featured with a number of useful pages. Following are the features of the template.

Multiple color schemes:  four different color options such as purple, pink, green and blue are available for developers to choose as their theme color on the landing pages of websites.

The dashboard includes charts and other graphical representations right on the front page and it incorporates a lot of components such as User interface features, Pickers, buttons, color picker sliders etc.

Ways to show progress: the template incorporates some of the best and the most beautiful ways and charts to show the progress of a business. Line charts, graphs and pie charts could be used to denote different components such as server load, site statistics, sales, social status of the business etc. Other features of the template could be listed as follows,

  • It is built on Bootstrap 3.3.1
  • Incorporates valid CSS 3 and HTML 5 components
  • Includes six color schemes
  • It is completely responsive
  • It is available in both boxed and full width versions

Elements on its dashboard are date pickers, form validations, enhanced select boxes, form layouts, switch buttons, sliders, masked inputs, Auto sizeText areas etc.

Applications of Chandra Admin Template:

The completely responsive and user friendly Chandra Admin template is multi-purposeful and features extensive usage in different fields. The template ensures complete documentation of all the progress made at the website by its users and thus is considered as the most popular and complete admin and frontend theme available as of date. It is seem to be extremely profitable in areas such as

Web designing:  Chandra admin template encompasses the different skills in the creation and maintenance of websites. It mediates all different areas of web design which includes interface design, web graphic design, and user experience design and even search engine optimization.

Graphic designing:  the template finds extensive usage in the process of problem solving and visual communication by making use of space, type, color and image. The template is indeed considered as a subset of communication design and visual communication owing to the involvement of overlapping skills.

Internet marketing:The Chandra Admin template propounds the advertising and marketing efforts of Internet marketing protocols so as to make use of web and email to drive direct sales to the website via ecommerce. It also helps in channelizing sales leads from both emails and websites.

Thus the all new Chandra Laravel admin template that has been beautifully crafted for backend applications and is available for a mere cost of $25 for its buyers. The template has already witnessed a number of new buyers already and expects thousands of others as well. If there is anything that you would wish to contribute to the template, do let us know.



DREAM-Bootstrap admin Template 

Dream Admin is a bootstrap administrator format free download. This layout expand on Bootstrap 3 system alongside HTML5 CSS3 and extremely helpful jQuery plugins to make a stunning present day administrator boards, web applications dashboards multi-reason topic. This subject is completely responsive web perfect with multi program and gadgets.





  • 100% Responsive Layout Design
  • Multi-purpose Admin theme
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Font-awesome
  • UI Elements
  • Charts plugin
  • Data Tables plugin
  • Smooth Scrolling

Remark-Bootstrap admin Template

Remark is a premium administrator dashboard format in light of Bootstrap. There are an enormous of intense parts construct with Less css which makes it simple to change.It’s the latest aggregation in our significantly strong libraries, its sections cover the best practices on web and compact. It can be easily facilitated into your exercises, allowing you to make answers for your tentative arrangements quickly.




  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Extend Utilities Class
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Bower Dependency Management
  • Angular UI Support
  • Bootstrap Like Data API
  • Extend Utilities Class

Material Admin – Bootstrap Admin HTML5

Material Admin is a Google Material Design motivated effective lightweight completely responsive retina show perfect administrator layout taking into account most recent Bootstrap 3.Material Admin accompanies both jQuery and AngularJs adaptations.




  • Flat UI with clean style
  • Responsive layout
  • Fixed / Static Top bar
  • Expandable Sidebar
  • Less files
  • 6 Colors themes
  • Skycons

Metronic-Bootstrap admin Template 

Metronic is a responsive and multipurpose administrator controlled with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.5 & AngularJS 1.3 structures. Metronic can be utilized for any kind of web applications: custom administrator boards, administrator dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS. Metronic has a smooth, clean and instinctive metro & level adjusted design* which makes your next venture look amazing but then easy to understand. Metronic has a tremendous accumulation of plugins and UI parts and works flawlessly on all real web programs, tablets and telephones.We put a great deal of affection and push to make Metronic a valuable apparatus for everybody and now Metronic accompanies 6 complete administrator subjects. We are quick to discharge nonstop long haul upgrades and many new elements will be impending soon later on discharges. When you acquired Metronic, you will be qualified for nothing download of every future overhaul for the same permit.

Metronic admin



  • jQuery 1.10.2
  • 6 Color Themes
  • Full SASS Support
  • Full RTL Support
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Open Sans Google Font
  • Language Switch Bar
  • Multilevel Menu

Neon – Bootstrap admin Template 

Neon – is level administrator format for multi-reason utilization constructed with the most recent adaptation of Bootstrap – 3 It contains more than 112 HTML documents which offer you extraordinary mixture of design choices and assets, and it will be stretched out later on overhauls with more up to date plugins




  • Chat API
  • Gallery management
  • Data tables
  • User timeline
  • Calendar plugin

FlatLab -Bootstrap admin Template 

Flat Lab is a Premium Admin Dashboard format with genuine level outline idea. Level shading, clean substance position, simple customization and expert coding is its centre force. Flat Lab is a completely responsive administrator dashboard layout manufactured with Bootstrap 3.3.2 Framework, current web innovation HTML5 and CSS3. It has a colossal accumulation of reusable UI parts and incorporated with most recent jQuery plugins. This subject is extremely lightweight and simple adjustable which is fundamentally intended for the engineers who need to modify it with only a finger snap . Flat Lab can be utilized for all kind of web applications like custom administrator board, venture administration framework, administrator dashboard, application back end, CMS, CRM, business site, corporate, portfolio, blog and so on. A substantial number of gadget are incorporated here to make your work simpler. Flat Lab chips away at all real web programs, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and all other advanced cell gadget.




  • Latest jQuery v1.10.2
  • jQuery NiceScroll
  • jQuery Sparklines
  • Morris Chart
  • Chartjs
  • Flot Chart
  • jQuery Easy Pie Chart

Admin Lab-Bootstrap admin Template 

Administrator Lab is a responsive administrator dashboard layout assembled with Twitter Bootstrap Framework and it has a colossal gathering of reusable UI parts and incorporated with jQuery plugins too. Administrator Lab can be utilized for applications(CMS, CRM, Custom Admin Application, Admin Dashboard). Administrator Lab format chips away at all significant web programs, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and is any PDA amicable




  • 4 Theme Colors
  • 2 dashboard home pages
  • 3 different conversation styles
  • Latest Bootstrap 2.3.1 Framework
  • Latest jQuery 1.8.3
  • 70 HTML pages
  • 16 Email Templates
  • Mail Inbox

Metro Lab – Bootstrap admin Template 

Metro Lab Admin format is a phenomenal layout with Real time metro plan idea. We are calling it Real time Metro. Here client will get genuine metro view. We attempted to embellish all pages with metro idea. Metro Lab is a responsive administrator dashboard layout fabricated with Twitter Bootstrap Framework and it has an enormous accumulation of reusable UI parts and coordinated with jQuery plugins. Metro Lab can be utilized for all sort of web applications like custom administrator board, administrator dashboard, application back end, CMS, CRM, business site, corporate, portfolio, blog and so forth. Metro Lab layout deals with all significant web programs, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and all advanced cell amicable.

Metro Lab



  • Easy Pie Chart
  • jQuery Sparklines
  • jQuery ScrollTo
  • Pulstate
  • Editable Data Table
  • Bootstrap Tree
  • jquery Nestable

SlickLab-Bootstrap admin Template 

Slick Lab is a Premium Admin Dashboard format which has enormous reusable parts with level outline idea. Simple customization and expert coding is its center force. Slick Lab is a completely responsive administrator dashboard layout constructed with Bootstrap 3.3.2 Framework, cutting edge web innovation HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery .




  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fully Responsive & Interactive
  • Flat UI with clean style
  • jQuery Nice Scroll
  • Interactive Customizable Charts
  • Slider
  • Detail es Documentation
  • Form Components

Learning App – Bootstrap admin Template 

Learning App is a premium LMS format manufactured with Bootstrap and propelled from Google’s Material Design Guidelines. It offers a complete client interface for everything from understudies, educators, courses and covers every one of the elements needed for any Learning Management Application and site, including numerous perspectives for the administrator board.Commencement you’re Learning App with an effective and portable well disposed client interface.Learning App is a complete html standard for a begin to end learning administration framework application and with industry particular segments covering everything required by a LMS application.2 standalone renditions of Learning App are incorporated – HTML and AngularJS – with more than 135 HTML p

Learning Admin Template



  • Complete Html Boilerplate
  • HTML and AngularJS
  • Mobile friendly user Interface

AdminDesigns – Bootstrap admin Template 

The Admin Designs UI Framework is more than your run of the mill administrator dashboard. Based on Bootstrap 3 it contains the apparatuses you have to make your next task web application a win. This subject is the stage for which many upgrades will be connected to. Rapidly, and painstakingly transforming it into a widely inclusive uber suite of designer instruments.It as of now incorporates custom instruments remarkable to the Admin Designs system, as well as endless hand picked and enhanced plugins. Counting the select Admin Panels plugin. Permitting you to in a split second change a gadgets, shading, title, position and the sky is the limit from there! All settings are spared and hold on after page invigorate through nearby stockpiling! We are eager to hear over from our clients with the goal that we can make one of the best topics




  • Built with LESS
  • over 70+ unique pages
  • Many unique, modern, and effective menus
  • Extends bootstraps native skins to a total of 9

Cascade Flat – Bootstrap admin Template 

Cascade’s a Light Weight, Flat , Responsive, Admin Dashboard layout. It is finished situated of advanced principles and first rate outline. Based on twitter bootstrap 3.0 with cluster of premium developed elements, solid code structure underneath and modest bunch of helpful J query plugins , all pressed in one configuration. Months of examination and years of experience all strived to make an eminent subject with every single valuable component for a wide range of applications.Performance of every module is exceedingly enhanced for distinctive programs and gadgets. End client/customer will have the capacity to pick physically any shading/styling on any component sidebar, gadgets, boxes and  by their own particular decision as our format is based on LESS and that makes this layout ideal for your next task. Your clients/customers will essentially adore it




  • Working chat Box
  • star Rating
  • Font Awesome Icons 4.0.3
  • User friendly navigation through search box
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited hierarchy menu
  • Error Pages

Bracket – Bootstrap admin Template 

Bracket Template


Features :-

  • Toggle Switches
  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Input Masks
  • Autogrow Textarea
  • Input Tags
  • Dropzone File Upload
  • Form Validation
  • Form Wizard

It’s Brain – Bootstrap admin Template 

It’s Brain is another pleasant responsive Bootstrap 3 administrator format which accompanies magnificent configuration and different segments. It has 19 HTML pages, 300+ symbols, different structures components, dynamic tablets and 20+ plugins.

It's Brain


Features :-

  • Updated top user navigation drop down
  • Completely removed smartWizard plugin
  • Fixed padding and margin for some elements
  • Fixed tabs height in the light version
  • Updated filter elements in dual select boxes

Atlant – Bootstrap admin Template 

Atlant – is a capable administrator layout in view of Bootstrap 3.3.2. Layout is completely responsive and retina prepared which implies it is perfect with cell phones, for example, iPhone and iPad. In downloaded bundle you will discover .less records, documentation, clean and remarked source code. Atlant is anything but difficult to utilize and redo, additionally you will discover heaps of prepared to utilize components. Atlant backing is accessible day in and day out. Try not to falter to send your inquiry or recommendation. We will do our best to help you. Look at the live review, and remember to visit all pages and attempt all alternatives in setting

Atlant Bootstrap


Features :-

  • Page Builder
  • Responsive & Mobile
  • Easy TO Use and Customize
  • Multiple Front Ends
  • Edit Profile

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